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Secure Videoconferencing

Video conferencing is increasingly being used in the Defence and Security sector as well as industry. However the use of video conferencing does not come without its risks. Typified by the video conference between the Met Police and the FBI hacked by Anonymous.

The increasing cost of travel and the trend towards coalitions of experts across varied geographical locations means that the use

of Videoconferencing within the Organisations business network is the most cost effective way to allow specialist teams to work together without being physically co located. Clearly there are opportunities for video conference systems integrators software applications and hardware manufacturers as well as security products and devices to provide secure videoconferencing.

Jones Consulting Europe offers a professional business development and strategy service lead by Steve Ingaglia, the principal consultant for Video Conferencing. Steve has spent time as the Defence Sector manager for Cisco and Tandberg. His knowledge in this area is underpinned by his voice and data networking business development experience as the Government Sector Manager for Alcatel Lucent. Supported by our Cyber Security business development experts we can help your company find a place in the drive for secure Video Conferencing facilities needed by the Police, Military and security services across Europe.

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