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Soldier Modernisation

The Soldier Modernisation sector is a very broad range of disciplines from smart weaponry through personal communications and IT systems into integrated clothing and personal protection systems both Ballistic and CBRN protection which makes it accessible for the Small and Medium specialist company to become a part of that growth through providing product or service to one of the many Soldier Modernisation programmes around the world.

There are  currently 55 major programmes around the world worth many billions of  dollars which are specifically designated as Soldier Modernisation. A report published on 30/03/12 by Visiongain ( entitled Military Body Armour & Personal Protective Gear Market 2012-202,estimates that the marketplace just for Hard Body Armour, Soft Body Armour and Headgear will top $1.07bn (£660m/€802m) globally in 2012.

In just this sub-sector alone there is scope for companies supplying ballistic clothing, Helmets, Design, Systems integration of the clothing and helmets with other Modernisation programmes such as comfort systems and communications and IT, through life support and logistics as well as the cut and sew or provision of specialist material for the protective gear.

Although you may have thought that the defence sector is a closed door to you, the broad scope of the different programmes around the world could mean that there is an opportunity for your speciality to become involved either direct or through an appropriate Prime Contractor .

Jones Consulting has associates who have worked in business Development for some of the main multinational defence contractors on Soldier Systems including CBRN as well as Future Vehicle programmes integrating Soldier Systems into Vehicle capabilities. Let us use our knowledge of the marketplace and experience to help you find a niche in one of these lucrative programmes that you can profitably use to grow your orderbook.

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In the current financial environment it is difficult to find a buoyant sector within the defence and security market However, due to  military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for NATO countries , UN deployments in Africa including the Sudan, Libya, Lebanon and the Cote D’Ivoire as well as the instability and perceived threats  in Asia e.g. South Korea and Indonesia. The Soldier System/modernisation sub sector is one area of the global defence market that is in strong growth.