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Information Management and Networking Solutions

Being better informed means better decisions. Significant defence and homeland defence budgets are being spent on the improving the use of information, meeting the need of physical assets in the field to securely get “the right information at the Right Time”.

This activity is commonly badged as Information Management. IM covers a broad spectrum of activities such from providing commercial off the shelf networking, network security products and business process software such as productivity, reporting and IT Services in the command HQ network through to integrated solutions involving Secure IP radios backbone radio networking, radio rebroadcast solutions, vehicle mounted, and personal mobile data devices, software and software apps that provide the information from the HQ to the cutting edge in a useable way for each user in every stage of the transaction. These solutions often involve integrating information from varying automatic sources such as meteorological readings environmental sensors, proximity alarms, Internet and news feeds,  information from other sensors and intelligence gathering devices and decision support programmes (eg augmented reality)  to view the information in an integrated picture. Often a direct parallel to how modern smart phones work today.

More recent developments include the use of big data analysis to better understand both the inputs from sources within your own domain but also those from partner nations and from open sources such as social media.

Examples are the programmes that Richard Jones the Principal Consultant of JCE worked on with the MoD project team on the future of CBRN reporting solutions and the Home office on the CBRN Scene Assessment Solution (while at Thales) and the Joint Operational Picture (JOP) tool set part commissioned by PJHQ and part of the proposed Joint Command and Control Service provision (JC2SP) programme (whilst at Fujitsu).

You may be a niche sector mobile telephone apps provider, a small command and control solutions design company or a specialist sensor manufacturer. Jones Consulting Europe provide you with highly competent business development resources in this sector which can help you to identify opportunities that you had not previously considered in the UK and across Europe working with Prime contractors on some of the major IM and Networking solutions programmes.

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