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We have a great deal of experience in sharpening up company strategies in difficult markets. Through diligent analysis both internally and externally we can offer changes to the strategies, business process and people skills that can increase the profit margin on your business without the usual slashing of costs to an extent that it would affect how you could grow your business in the future. Through this work you would be able to continue to focus on growth whilst your competitor focuses on survival ensuring that when better times return you have improved your market position.

Often there are opportunities that your company could do a part of but the buyer wants one entity to provide them with a complete solution this is common in defence and Government. If you could access these opportunities you would have new business streams. We can help you to identify these opportunities and possible partners or prime contractors who you can work with to satisfy the buyers needs and continue to grow your business without the investment of learning new skills. We can also analyse merger and acquisition targets for long term business growth

We have many years working within several of the top technology businesses looking how they can break free of markets that have reached a plateau without the need for complete diversification. We have experience in taking existing product looking at the marketplace and introducing it to completely new sectors. e.g. enterprise IT to the defence sector. We are also very experienced in taking skills that rest in other divisions or countries that your company has a presence analysing a business case for action and then successfully introducing them in the home market as new sectors. We have also analysed existing skills and resources and helped companies to launch new products into existing customer bases

Working for large multinational companies introduces a lot of relationship difficulties  which also can affect smaller companies who are looking at accessing wider markets. These difficulties can and do have an adverse effect on the bottom line. We have experience in managing relationships between business divisions or country units . We have dealt with conflicts that arise from cultural or linguistic differences. We have experience in managing potential opportunity damaging issues in relationships with partner companies, suppliers and prime contractors. We also have a depth of experience in dealing with the customer cultural issues. Issues that are obvious in their own organisational culture but might not be obvious to you as a possible supplier ruining your chance of winning an opportunity.

We have experience of bid capture management from the tens of thousands to the tens of millions. Clearly the effort for one is not as intense as the effort for the other as larger bids have increased complications ranging from qualifying to bid through to managing the complexity of multi technology or large multi company bid capture teams.

We can help with your process, create bid capture plans and even manage particular bids taking control of the multi discipline or multi company team the processes, the customer contact and managing information to the media, the customer and even the competitors ensuring that all are giving a one entity impression to the customer.

Some market places seem to be closed doors to those companies not already supplying them. Companies who want to get into sectors like defence, avionics, transport, civil defence, emergency planning, Security and Counter Terrorism  often cannot do so without some understanding of the customer base and the competition.  The same is often true for technology specific domains such as Information Management, Telecoms, C4ISR, C2 and CBRN. We have experience in many of these sectors and domains and if you are considering how you might exploit one of these or any other specific marketplace we can give you valuable advice on the market and the opportunities it might offer before you invest resource

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Jones Consulting has  broad and deep experience in helping a business to be more successful in many different technology sectors in difficult financial climates. We can help you improve your business through a complete service from the strategic planning through to the business development tasks and helping your sales team close the sales including analysis of current and future strategies, opportunities, competitors, skills and process/internal relations through to diversification of existing product into new markets or new products into your existing customer base we can analyse opportunities to grow your business organically through partnering with another company where your combined skills give you access to greater markets and we can look at growth through merger and Acquisition . As well as offering this as a complete outsourced turnkey programme you can take items from our services list and create a opportunity specific brief for us to provide the extra input to match with those skills you already have in house without the risk of increasing your payroll in difficult financial times.

The secret to success in a difficult market is through making fearless business decisions and planning to win while others plan not to loose.

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