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We have had particular success in identifying relevant frameworks for our clients to seamlessly sell their products and services to the Government including the defence and security sector.

Though this might sound like a simple task, there are many intricacies of applying to a framework. Frameworks are in reality a mini tender competition and as such have to come under the prevailing tender law as applicable to the organisation. However the benefit to you is that they negate the costly need to complete tender documentation for each and every opportunity you apply for if the opportunity can be dealt with using the framework you are registered for. Like applying for a tender there are many issues and potential pitfalls that can present themselves which if not dealt with appropriately can exclude you and your products from that framework until the next time it is competed which could be several years.

Using our 100% success rate for multiple companies and their products and services on the ongoing G cloud frameworks as an example. We have been able to demonstrate our understanding of the procurement organisation and processes. We have helped clients to interpret the often complex commercial agreements and pre requisite standards and business practices necessary to participate. We have supported clients with their commercial and legal departments to ensure they understand the implications of participation and how that may impact your standard Terms and Conditions. We have helped clients to understand the minefield of pre qualification questions both on commercial aspects and on what your product or service offers any one of which could see you or your product excluded from the framework. We have helped to redraft clients supporting marketing literature so that it is more appropriate for the audience that uses the framework. We have provided the project management for complex multiple entries freeing up your valuable resources to do what they are normally paid for by  coordinating both our and your resources in multiple countries to ensure that submissions are completed by the deadline.

The G Cloud framework is one of many frameworks that allows you to access government organisations and the defence and security sectors. However the scope of this framework is constantly being tightened so that it only provides products and services that are applicable in the cloud. This can exclude may other products and services that you are considering offering. Fortunately, there are numerous other frameworks that are available that may be appropriate. Unfortunately, the number of other frameworks needs a level of knowledge to determine which framework would be most appropriate to your company or your product portfolio. You also need to select a framework that offers you the target market you expect, not all government organisations use all of the available frameworks. Selecting a framework needs an understanding of what the strategy is for that framework, there is no benefit in registering for one that is being planned to be replaced. And finally you need to know when the most appropriate frameworks are going to be open for you to apply. We have the experience to help you to understand these issues and select the most appropriate framework which is will be available within your planned time frames (or advise you to wait until an appropriate one is re-competed.)

However, Frameworks have upper limits on sales values and there may not be a framework for very specialised products and solutions. In this instance we have a great deal of experience and have provable successes of helping companies to build and implement a strategy to either to apply direct the the government customer through the tender process, with us supporting them through this process, or to find and establish a relationship with an appropriate prime contractor. More detail can be found on the Business development and management page



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