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Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and explosives (CBRNe)

Given the specialised nature of CBRN many of these UK based associates have worked with their counterparts in major exercises in the US, Canada and Europe through the Emergency Planning Society’s Professional Working Group and QUAD (US UK Canada Australia) technical response groups and have been involved in FP7 CBRN planning issues. So have a good knowledge of projects and programmes worldwide.

As the catalyst for the UK CBRN unit for Thales, Richard Jones is highly experienced with UK CBRN. He was one of the original members of the MoD Team CBRN steering group and was responsible for Thales position on bids for the MoD Key Strategic Partner Programme, Aircrew Protection Equipment and Detection (APED) and the Home office Scene Assessment Solution for CBRNe terrorist based incidents.

During his time with Thales and since setting up JCE Richard has enjoyed relationships with CBRN prime contractors across Europe, particularly in France, Italy, Scandinavia and Germany as well as sub contractors in a range of specialities such as protective clothing, vehicles, detection equipment, consumables, training, systems and sub systems integrators who have been working on civil as well as military programmes.

Many of the soldier modernisation programmes around the world have a project that deals with CBRN and The terrorist threat globally has given the civil security forces a strong impetus to ensure that they have the equipment and knowledge to deal with a major incident. Let us use our knowledge and expertise to bring your CBRNe products and services to a new group of customers.

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Jones Consulting is very lucky to have a number of professional CBRNe experts on its associates list. These professionals encompass Defence and Security services Business Development as well as CBRNe practitioners, planners project managers, Trainers and contributors to national  and international CBRN  strategies both in the Military and the Counter Terrorism arena.