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Benefiting from the Anglo French Defence accord

In November 2010 Nicholas Sarkozy and David Cameron signed a 50 year defence accord to create a 10,000 strong joint expeditionary force and the capability to share research and procurement of common but high value equipment in an attempt to reduce the defence budget burden through sharing

This agreement in effect allows Britain and France to share the costs of future high value procurements specifically regarding soldier systems interoperability in communications and information systems for the Joint Expeditionary Force, nuclear research and technology, The A400M aircraft, A joint aircraft carrier group and joint work on the next generation of unmanned aerial surveillance aircraft between 2015 and 2020 and future unmanned combat aircraft due to be operational by 2030.

The agreement opens up the way for British and French Prime Contractors to bid for programmes to achieve the aims of the alliance and therefore opens the way for small and medium businesses to extend their markets by accessing the defence opportunities and contractors of the other country

We at Jones Consulting know that working across ‘La Manche’ can sometimes be difficult through subtle differences in business practice, culture and most of all interpretation of the language.

Modern technology for business communications such as email and ‘Office’ documents used to communicate often result in misunderstandings when the target and source language and culture are the same, when they are different it is multiplied.

The consultants and associates at Jones Consulting Europe have a great deal of experience in working with other nations particularly France. The principal consultant Richard Jones has lived in France for 5 years and has worked a total of 10 years for technology companies with French parentage. He has, therefore has become extremely aware and proficient at dealing with the issues that derail programmes and relationships between British and French business units within a company or between individual businesses trying to work together on a defence programme.

The defence accord offers the SME the opportunity to participate in a broad range of opportunities such as the soldier interoperability requirements, interoperability for the Joint Aircraft Carrier plan and the work in the Nuclear domain planned to be based in Valduc in France supported by a Joint technology Centre at Aldermaston in the UK.

Let us help you access this new marketplace and avoid the bear traps that would stop you forming a worthwhile relationship with a French or British partner or those that could damage delay or derail profitable programmes that you are wish to participate in with a French or British Prime Contractor.

During my stay in the UK as Thales UK Technical Exchange Director, I have been impressed by Richard capacities. Richard has demonstrated real expertise as capture leader on various large UK and NATO programmes. Richard was a key player in the liaison between the UK and French divisions of Thales, ensuring that cultural and linguistic differences did not de-rail the programme. I strongly recommend Richard for any assignment of that type.”

March 4, 2012

Nicholas Remusat Technology Exchange Director Thales Crawley UK

“I worked with Richard for several CBRN tenders in the UK, and he has a strong ability to gather a team, especially multi national one (French-English in my case) and deliver top class results.”

March 1, 2012

Jerome Louat CBRNe Engineer Thales Paris France

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