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Jones consulting is a professional organisation we have two wings, first specialising in boosting your business through business development in existing and new business sectors in information technology, communications systems, Cyber/network security and CBRN solutions in the UK and European defence and security markets. Second in delivery of IT management contractor services. We have become the best at what we do through years of experience based in the Government, defence and telecommunications sectors.

We operate an associate programme which allows us to use a broad list of associates working in your targeted sector or technology thus having the most appropriate skill set to meet your need. This system allows us to keep overhead to a minimum and provide a quality service for less than the majority of major consultancy companies in this sector.

Jones Consulting Joins UKCeB

UKCeB is a an organisation consisting of businesses in the defence and aerospace industries who provide  secure information sharing services and products.

UKCeB is part of the Joint Information Group which supports the industry/MoD Defence suppliers forum chaired by Secretary of State .

Professionals in IT Business development, & marketing.

IT Service delivery experts

G Cloud 7 open for business.

The G Cloud 7 framework opened for business at the beginning of September. Submissions close on the 6th October 2015.

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